Mama's poultry

Mama's poultry
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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Opulence-A replica of Napoleon's palace France

I may not live in opulence like this,but my humble garden and home is my palace

Biscuits-Coconut Macaroons

You can still enjoy biscuits without paying a fortune at the supermarket.All you need us coconut,castor sugar and eggs

Coconut Flour-Gluten free.Purchased this in Sydney

I intend to make Coconut Fried Chicken,Crepes and Pumpkin Bread with this great new find

Fish- A great alternative to meat and very inexpensive - $1.50 a piece

Smoked cod and vegetables


Its winter and the rain is pouring down and the winds are howling. Take time out to do some mending, a cardigan,the body or the mind.Do not fight the elements but use them to your advantage


Wheat free- tamari soy sauce

Fried rice with bacon,onion,peas,corn,capsicum and free range egg with tamari soy sauce and fish sauce.Almost as good as in the shops