Mama's poultry

Mama's poultry
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Friday, 17 June 2011

The Secret - My secret

I haven't blogged for a few days because apart from my dietary journey i have also embarked on another journey - To give up smoking. As a consequence the medication i am taking makes me feel quite sick and sleepy and so the most of the last few days i have been eating meals that i have frozen.It is a struggle but i am convinced that by next Thursday i will not be smoking any more. As mentioned earlier i am not only on a journey of what i eat but am looking at my lifestyle in stages wholistically

Time to heal

Some times it is ok to just blob out and assess our life styles and where we want to go in life

Tea- Home made gluten free fried rice using gluten free soy sauce

Home made fried rice with bacon,spring onion,carrots,capsicum and peas from garden and my free range eggs. Yummy

Monday, 6 June 2011

No more Holy Communion and other shocks

I didn't even think about it but of course "Holy Communion wafers" contain gluten.Any wonder church was making me sick. On a serious note again, some condiments contain gluten. Potato chips and some candies have gluten.Spices made with monosodium glutamate extenders have gluten and yes Peanut butter contains lactose unless it is labelled "Pure peanut butter

Kosher Meats

Kosher meats do not contain lactose. However apart from the obvious bread crumbing etc cold cuts of meat,frankfurts and sausages may contain lactose and or gluten

Vitamin deficiency

People who suffer from rapid transit/dumping syndrom,gluten/lactose intolerance run the risk of being vitamin deficient.Check it out as you may be calcium deficient,vitamin A deficient, Vitamin D deficientt,Riboflavin deficient or Phosphorus deficient


Many coffee products contain glucose and or lactose.Some carbonated beverages contain lactose or artificial sweetners.

Canned and frozen foods

Some frozen and canned fruits are processed with lactose. Also some frozen,canned,pickled or fried vegies are prepared with lactose

You can get tricked

Cereals made with rice or corn may be flavoured with malt syrup,a flavouring deprived from barley which is wheat

Reading food labels

When reading a food label to avoid gluten, do not eat any foods listing the following ingredients: flavourings,food starch,thickening,glucose syrup,matzo meal,fillers,TVP,caramel colour,bran,seasonings or malt

Gluten grains

Grains that contain gluten range from wheay,rye,barley,bran,bulgur,cousous,durum,einkorn,emmer,farino,faro,graham flour,kamut,matzo,orzo,panko,seitan,semolina,spelt,triticate and udon


The Food Allergen Labelling & Consumer Protection Act requires all food containing wheat to be clearly labelled.However this does not include all other sources of gluten

Some medicines contain gluten.

Some over the counter & prescription labels include words like starch jor flavour that may indicate there is gluten in the product.Companies don't have to list glutens on the label according to